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Friday, July 24, 2015

Pictures? Yeah, I've Got Your Stinkin' Pictures!


   So last post, FreedomPop had decided to sabotage this blog.  I had to reset the router/modem in order to get forty seconds online - then wait a while before it would work for another 40.  Hence, I posted a lovely story with no pictures or video.  It was a story nobody liked.
   "Where's the video?  I like the videos!"  "I didn't get your story, but it probably wouldn't be so bad with pictures."
   So, for the rest of this post I'll give you random pictures I've stole... collected from others people's FB posts, and I won't get in the way with commentary.

   There!  Nothing to whine about.  Oh, and welcome back, Bloom County.

And now - a random video.