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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Incredibly Moderate Actor/Comedian

  So much is said about the best and the worst.  It’s unfair.  How about the performer you frequently like, but don’t love, and sometimes dislike, but don’t hate?
  Where’s the love for being average?
  For this reason, Just Plain Stupid salutes:  Robbie Coltrane!
  Yes, it’s true, the Harry Potter movies threatened to move this average comedian into the good column,
but his consistently sub-par stand-up, balances out the picture.
  Did you like him as Matsui in Oceans Twelve?
    Well, don’t forget Nuns on the Run!
  His voice work is above average, such as Lord Dingwall in Brave,
but he cleverly does acid and gets plastered in public on occasion
– not enough to seem too obnoxious, just enough to keep his balance.
  The brilliance of Robbie Coltrane is that he seeks this balanced ledger approach to his comedic acting career.  He’s a popularity Buddha.  He even looks like one.
  Okay - that might be a Hindu somebody, but you get my point.
  He was getting too lovable as Hagrid, so he dissed the Lord of the Rings franchise, but in such a way that I don't think he even completely understands his criticism.
  So next time you see Robbie, tell him sincerely that sometimes he's pretty good, and he never completely stinks.
  Moderate praise for the man who strives for average.

The last time Siskel and Ebert agreed to pan a movie, it was Nuns on the Run.