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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


   People ask me why I don't do politics on this blog.
Good Grief - don't you get enough?
   In my opinion there's just too much politics on social media - ever since the founding parents used Twitter to can George III
   Some unpleasantness followed that particular slight, and politics has been unpleasant ever since.  It's kind of like criminal assault except politicians are asking the voters to shoot themselves.
And Winny was one of the good ones.
   Thankfully, we have an alert, savvy American electorate, well qualified to sort the bad from the worse.
   And so we get the best and the brightest to serve our nations interests.
   Bowing to popular demand, I'll post some of the partisan political pictures that hopefully represent both sides equally.
   From the Right
   From the left
   From the right
   From the left
   From the right
   From the left
   George III is looking better and better
   I like to think that sometimes stupidity can rise above partisanship
   But usually it gets downright mean-spirited - especially towards the current front-runners.

   If these our our best choices next year, maybe 240 years of independence is enough.  Maybe we've learned our lesson.
   Do you think she'd...
   Get Chuck and Camilla to abdicate, and you got my vote, Lady!

   Then again, if the BBC thinks this is funny...