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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Art Is Everywhere

  I've always defined art as – stuff I can’t do except by mistake.  At different times in my life I've been raking leaves, eating mash potatoes, applying soy sauce to my brown rice and suddenly – there it is.
  I appreciate those who set out to do art intentionally.  Of course I may accept some things as art that others may not.
  Such as:

Object Art
If you didn't scowl, vehicle on the left, you wouldn't be cut out of the shot
Oh my aching dogs
And you wonder why your teenage boy looks down all the time
I'd take him on - but he'd rip my hoodie
Then there's animal art - sometimes done to the animals
She say's it's a rabbit
And sometimes done by the animals
hood ornament
Then there's performance art - moments frozen in time
Gene Wilder
Non Wisconsin/Packer fans
Pope John Paul 2
Here's a few that mess with my mind.
Apartments are small in the city
Watch your step
Civic minded chalk drawing alien

Here's a time lapse video of a guy that looks too young to remember what he's drawing.