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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bad Signs, Ads and Labels

 Lynn V. R. and Joe T. are two friends from High School – which means they are very old people. They are also (or were before I called them old,) Facebook friends. They share (meaning they each have,) and share (meaning they offer it to others,) an appreciation for bad signs.
Maybe I’m a little sensitive to this subject having so many written words out there that can be taken the wrong way. (My proofreader assures me that the funniest bit in Trouble in Taos was something I didn’t intend to say.)

Still – they have sent me (as have a few others,) so many pictures of bad signs, ads and labels that I figured it was time to share their brand of humor with the many fives of you who read this blog.
Part One - Wait...
That does say flickering - right?
Nothing wrong here - till you count the arms
So I just go see... hey?
Good safety tip - thanks
Sure it does.
Part Two - Yuck
From Florida?
And for dessert...
Part Three - expression
How about Sancho?
Where's the petition?  I'll sign.
Part Four - worth repeating.  These images have been on JPS before.
Great ad
Truth in Advertising!

When I was a kid - this ad freaked me out.  I never grew out of it.