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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ten People Who Look Like Animals

 So Monday’s post must have gotten shared because it was more popular than any post I’ve had in months. Maybe it was the baby farting, but let’s stay with the TEN theme and see what happens.
Ten People Who Look Like Animals
by Headley Hauser

1) Ben Stein:

Actually he was hatched as an owl. His transformation to human form is one of the lesser-known conspiracies of the Watergate era.
2) Angelina Jolie:

 Look at her teeth. Look at the silvery sheath-like costumes she wears. I hope she’s not adopting all those kids in case she runs out of grouper.
3) Paul Reubens AKA Pee-wee Herman:
Prairie Dog.

Ask Chairy. (S)He’s the one who told me.
4) Tammy-Faye:

5) Tommy Lee Jones:

 You ever notice that in many of his roles, he’s tracking people down?  I don't know about you, but I like bloodhounds more than pekingese.
6) Siegfried and Roy:

7) Michele Pfeiffer, Ann Hathaway, Julie Newmar, and a significant percentage of the planet’s female population:

8) Jimmy Fallon:

(Not really - he paid me to say that.) (He said he was afraid I’d say something else like slug, warthog, or bloat fish.) (What really frightened him was that I might leave him off the list.) (Jimmy Fallon is an insecure otter.)
9) Lee Van Cleef:

You ever notice how he’s scarier when he’s smiling than when he’s not? Now I need to see an eagle smile… Maybe not.

10) Jayma Mays:
Bunny Rabbit,

 Whatever she is – if you saw her at a pet store, you’d have to bring her home.

Because he's an insecure otter (and he paid me,) today's video is of Jimmy Fallon
So that's why he's so insecure.