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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Four years ago, Go Figure Reads asked me to put together two chapbooks, one of stories, and one of old columns. Being a diligent fella, I handed them in a couple months later, thinking they’ll want to publish these shortly after Trouble in Taos finally gets released.
Then two years later they told me to start this blog. After a few months of the blog, the chapbook with old columns got thrown out. Then they went to work on the remaining chapbook, gutting most of my work, adding stuff, and dividing it in two.
Well, at least I was going to get some money out it…
Nope. (%^$*@@&!Z*QQQ##*) They’re free.
Postage isn’t, but they’re free.
If you want your own copy of The Money Mountain (and other stories) along with Mortified (and other stories) send me a stamped self-addressed envelope large enough to enclose two 9x6 (actually 81/2”x 51/2” but by saying 9x6, I will hopefully avoid those who send a tiny envelope suitable for Tinkerbelle’s hankie and expect two honking chapbooks to be stuffed inside by magical fairy dust.) The postage on your SASE should be 182 cents (AKA a dollar – eighty-two,) in whatever postal denominational configurations you choose to employ.

Send your request to:
Headley Hauser
c/o Will Wright
5765-7 Hickory Knoll Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Helpful tip: If you put two dollars and twenty-eight cents on the outer envelope, the post office will cancel all the postage – not just the forty-six cents to get your letter to me. They’re just that way. You won’t get any chapbooks from me – though I might mock you in a later post. I’m just that way.
So… you aren’t asking, so I’ll ask to cover your embarrassing silence, when do the e-books come out so we can save our one hundred and eight-two pennies, our honking big envelope, and the pain of addressing and licking stuff.
Well – based on track record, I’d advise you to check back in about four years.

(and other stories)

In This Book

The Only Roach: One roach has enough sense to avoid the exterminator’s trap. Now can he learn to live in a house of humans?

Toto in Munchinland: You know the story. Now see it through the eyes (and nose) of Dorothy’s little dog.

Mortified: Stan Plotz tried to play it safe. He died anyway. This is going to require some adjustment on his part.

The Money Mountain
(and other stories)

In This Book

The Money Mountain: Commerce could get confusing in the land of Monet, but how much “help” was too much?

Doeg’s Story: A songbird meets another bird in a lovely garden. There’s something about the other bird’s golden tether that seems disturbing.

The Crow and the Weeping Man: The kingdoms of Plenty and Bountiful fight for the Bay of Piscane. The Crow can bring victory – but what of the weeping man?

Here's a little help when you're counting up those old 5 cent postage stamps.