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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cute Enough to Make You Choke

Just to show you folk out there that I'm not the curmudgeon some people say I am, I'm doing a post of cute. So get those ohs and awes ready, cause here comes a whole crapload of cute.

This has got to be a top candidate for picture of the year. For you nonfootball fans who don't recognize the impersonation – don't worry about it. Just think, Baby=cute. But enough of the human species. For true footpounds of cute – you gotta go with the animals.

Do elephants like hats? If not, this guy better worry, because this little guy is going to get a lot bigger, and elephants never forget.

I guess this cat is cute, but I'm not thrilled that he has better facial hair than I do.

I'm not surprised the multi-colored looks confused. The gray tabby is clearly cheating.

Mother cats are supposed to be cute, right? I mean that's what I've been told.

Here's a bobcat with a deer. This is my last feline, 'cause even though I know people say how cute they are, I know this cat is just holding onto the deer in case he gets hungry.

Here's another deer with a dog this time. I'm beginning to think that deer are cute because they're not that bright.

Here's a canine that's a little confused. He knows he's supposed to run down prey, but what comes next is still a muddle.

Alright, I have no explanation for this one.

For my money, dogs are the second cutest creatures going. The cutest have to be rabbits. I think this picture sums up my argument.

Yeah, you can't out-cute rabbits.

Our video is full of bunnies and just needlessly cute – so much that I wish I hadn't eaten so much at lunch.