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Monday, December 1, 2014

Potpourri - Not the Kind You Smoke

So it's the week after Thanksgiving and I'm thankful that I have a bunch of pictures for this post - it means I don't have to write much.
I'm also grateful for safety.  For instance.
I have no surgery scheduled
I have no trips to NY NY planned
Our erratic ways have kept the aliens at bay
I don't work at McDonalds
Most of my deadly enemies are out of town
I haven't gotten much chain mail lately
I'm grateful for animals
And that cats don't know much about snowballs
Mice are so compassionate
Not sure if this counts
So THAT'S what it's all about
I'm grateful for oddballs
Between 10 and 2 will he be there
THIS is a guy I'd vote for!
And finally, I'm grateful that...
A certain holiday is still more than three weeks away

Hey!  At least it's not February yet.